VIDEO: 3 Tips To Convert Leads into Sales

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A couple weeks ago I was on a holiday on Easter Island, in the Chilean Posia. And as you can imagine, when you what you do, when you’re passionate about it, you don’t really “need” holidays. But, I to travel, relax and go anywhere in the World that has an internet connection. So, […]


How To Build A Sales Funnel Easily

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Websites are dead. Yes. That’s a bold statement, but hear me out. The old website as we know it, static, with no content, and no purpose other than to showcase information about your company…that website is dead. If you want your business to prosper today, you need a Sales Funnel. I discovered this the hard […]


6 People You Need To Find Today

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In this new episode of Driving with Carolina I talk about the 6 people you need to find in your life today. I was inspired to make this video by an e from James Altucher, author of The Choose Yourself Guide To Wealth a great bo that I’m currently reading. In the video I talk about […]