Scott Stratten @Unmarketing Interview at Affiliate Summit

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As I said in my previous blog post, one of the reasons I came to Affiliate Summit was to meet Scott Stratten and see his keynote. Scott has greatly inspired the way I use Social Media for myself and my clients. On Twitter he’s known as @Unmarketing and if you’re not following his Unpodcast, you […]


The Best Thing About Affiliate Summit

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I’ve been in NYC for about 6 days now. The main reason I came was to attend Affiliate Summit East, the biggest conference and networking event for Affiliate Marketers in the industry. But the main reason I come to such an event isn’t exactly because of the talks. It’s the people you meet here. It’s […]


3 Neuromarketing Tips To Sell More

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One of the most powerful sciences to understand how the consumer’s mind works is Neuromarketing. Yes, it is a science, although you will find a few fake gurus here and there. The video I’m bringing to you today is based on real studies conducted by one of the World’s Leading experts in the field, Jürgen […]