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Facebook’s New Lead Ads Will Make Things Easier For Marketers

I was just reading an article on Facebook's business blog about how they're testing a new ad format called Lead Ad.

Facebook Lead Ads

This is how they would work: instead of having people clicking on ads and then being redirected elsewhere to fill out a form, Facebook would simply populate the form with their information that's already on their data base, such as Name, Last Name and Email. Wouldn't that be awesome? This will change how you generate leads on Facebook!

So every time you want your customers to fill out a form to sign up for a newsletter, or to request a quote of your services, they won't have to go to your website, they'll be able to request the info right there on Facebook.

It would be interesting to see if they will allow us advertisers to request additional data on the form that isn't already on Facebook. Being able to edit that form would be amazing.

Ever since I started advertising on Facebook 5 years ago, it's been clear that the more they can keep people inside of their platform the happier they are. So if you advertise to an external website, it'll always be a little more expensive than advertising your fan page, or a Facebook app. This move will benefit everyone, so I give it two thumbs up!

I do a lot of advertising on Facebook for myself and for my clients (if you need a hand with Facebook ads, contact me I'll help out!) and sending people to a website where they have to opt in, surely decreases conversions. Having Facebook help out with this comes extremely handy.

This is huge!

Right now they're only testing it with a small amount of businesses around the World, but hopefully the data will be good and soon we'll be able to use this type of ads too.


How would Lead Ads change the way you currently advertise on Facebook? Share in the comments!