How To Build A Mass Movement of People

It's no secret that in order to become successful as an expert, you need followers. I know, people will tell you that a true leader creates more leaders, and I think it's true. But for some people, just having someone to look up to, someone to go to for advice, someone they can admire, is even more important than becoming a leader themselves.

My friend Russell Brunson wrote a book last year called DotCom Secrets, the underground playbook for growing your company online. And as a follow up he wrote a new book called Expert Secrets, which show you exactly how to create a mass movement of people who will follow you and pay for your advice. And guess what, he's giving this book away for FREE! 

So if you're a coach, a speaker, a business owner or any kind or if you want to become one, then this book is for you!

I created this video to review part of the book and explain some really cool concepts behind it, hope you enjoy it and grab a copy right here!

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Carolina Millan

Carolina Millan is a young entrepreneur from Chile. She's an international speaker, coach and digital marketing consultant. She specialises in helping people and corporations build their brands using the power of the internet to build relationships with their present, past and potential customers.

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