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I'm Carolina Millan, World Traveler, Internet Marketer, Social Media Consultant, International Speaker, Coach, Dog lover and… Passionate Human being!

I created this website so that I could help other people just like YOU from around the World, live the life of their dreams (si quieres ver mi sitio en español, haz click aquí)

I believe we must live with passion! And I hope to convey that message through my blog posts. Here you'll find content related to Marketing, Social Media, Technology, Living a healthy Lifestyle, Making Money on the Internet, and turning your Passion into Profits!

The articles, videos and basically all content in my blog is designed to help you understand marketing, your personal brand and how important it is to your success; how to monetize the internet and create a steady income that allows you acquire Time, Money and Location Freedom.

I decided I wanted to do just that back in 2008. It took me approximately 4 years of hitting and missing until I finally accomplished the lifestyle I had only dreamt about. Traveling the World, helping other people build their brand and their business, and giving back to others.

I now speak on stages around the World, and made friends with very successful people. I am also helping people like you build their brand online the right way.



These Are Some of the friends I've made in the Marketing industry, by investing in myself, attending live events and having success

Caro and Dave VanHoose Mike Filsaime
Carolina cruisin' with Dave Van Hoose and Mike Filsaime
Caro and Jonathan Budd
Carolina and Jonathan Budd
Carolina and Mike Koenigs
Carolina and Mike Koenigs
Carolina and Russell Brunson
Carolina and Russell Brunson
Carolina and Gary Vaynerchuk

Besides my passion for the Laptop Lifestyle, I am also passionate about living healthy. And that includes not only eating organic, but also being aware of the multiple effects technology has on our bodies and how to neutralize that. You'll find some resources to educate yourself on that aspect in the Lifestyle section I'll be putting up soon. Just make sure you sign up for my email newsletter so you can be notified!

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I also love, LOVE Music. My favorite band is called MUSE and they're from the UK. I've seen them live 22 times and counting. I travel around the World to see them in concert and guess what, I don't have to worry about how expensive it's going to be because money is not an object for me. 

So ask yourself, what would you do in your life if money wasn't an object? And not only that, but what would you do if you knew you could not fail?

Let's go ahead and do it!

Leave me a comment here below or drop me an email at [email protected] and let me know how I can help you.


8 thoughts on “Start Here

  1. Caroline, I viewed the YouTube video–must admit I could not hear it well! My question to you is: Are you selling the technology in general, or are you hyping one particular business product? I have a wealth of drive, experience, etc. but, cannot seem to make it “Pay”. Your remarks about making $11,000 while sleeping stirred my thinking. My problem is I do not have a product in mind. I am a tremendously hard worker. Please enlighten me!

  2. Carolina,
    I’ve really enjoyed your “Driving with Carolina” videos and feel you are genuine. You have obviously been an inspiration to many and have learned from the best in the Top Tier world. I am intrigued with the MOBE and MTTB concepts and want to own and enjoy my life in the years I have ahead. I am new to the community. (BIO) I’m a retired Army Veteran and still work with the Army at Fort Belvoir, Alexandria, Virginia. That said, I’ve realized that very few folks around me are inspired and I want to develop my sales and marketing skills. BTW, I attended T.J. Rohleder’s Blue Jeans Millionaire Seminar in the 1990s while I was an Army Recruiting Manager. The same year, I attended a Tony Robbins Seminar in Maryland. Gracias por sus vídeos inspiradores y ofrecer al mentor “Lorenzo”


  3. You claim to have this wealth of Human knowledge, but
    you do not eat. No this, no that, underdone this, overdone that, gluten-free, dairy free, etc. Why would anyone intelligent sign up for a program you promote, when you may well be dead in a few years.

  4. What you do is what I seek. As far as I can tell the lifestyle you have built for yourself is the one I dream of for me; the heath and nutrition perspective you seem to take, the professional philosophies you advocate, the freedom to travel and live as you like though online entrepreneurship. (as best I can tell, of course, from what I have seen so far) I am currently reading your book and very excited to start exploring your system. Thank you for sharing all this.

    1. Hi Ruston, thank you so much for this comment, it’s exactly what I aim at, that’s my purpose, to inspire people like you to create their own reality. I look forward to help you personally 🙂 I hope you enjoy my ebook!

  5. Hi Carolina,

    I like people who have same passion as me. I will definitely buy your book in near future. Good luck with more success and please don’t hesitate to follow me on twitter @alexshaikh

    Thank you


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