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21 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. Hello Carolina,
    I met you at the Platinum Mastermind in the Bahamas. I think you took the picture of me and Matt the first night. Since then I have had the website above hacked and most of my time has been spent in rebuilding it. Still in progress. I am currently throwing myself into MOBE again and starting coaching with Peter Day. My first session is tomorrow morning. I like the way you approach people on the video above. It is honest and direct. I like that! Please keep me on your list and I will enjoy following your progress and look forward to meeting you at another Mastermind sometime soon.
    Barbara Clements Toronto Canada

  2. Hola Carolina, vi la exposicion tuya sobre MOBE y realmente me interesa pero quisiera saber si una persona que no tenga un buen ingles puede calificar y posteriormente hacerle algunas preguntas mas

  3. Hello Carolina,
    You may call me John. I am form Trinidad in the West Indies and ever since I saw your story I felt somewhat connected to you so I have been trying to reach you.I saw your interview with Chiko as I was searching the internet for a way to connect with you. That led me to your website and your newsletter.
    I am impressed with your humility, professionalism and progress so I thought I should try to reach you. I am an MLR in MOBE and like you when you started, I am not fully positioned at Platinum. The only reason is because I don’t have the finding in place. I have been trying but with my current credit and scarcity of traditional loans in the market it’s been tough. I will have those funds available on July 1st. I know that I will risk loosing commissions if I start my marketing without being fully positioned but I don’t think I have a choice. Unless you have another strategy I can use? I know you started somewhat like that and I am anxious to hear your views.

    1. Hi John, thanks for your comment, I am glad I inspire you. You’re doing the right thing by upgrading to Platinum but I would strongly encourage you to leave a good budget for advertising. Don’t upgrade to Platinum and then be broke, because if you don’t send traffic, you won’t make sales. I would also suggest you apply for my one on one mentoring program, that way I can personally help you achieve your goals with MOBE 🙂 have a great day!

  4. hola recién adquiiri el Programa MOBE d $49. Me interesa enormemente aprender y darle forma a este negocio. Pero mi problema es el idioma. El coach q me asignaron solo habla ingles y me es difícil a comunicación con el. Podrías ser mi coach y yo poder pasar del Step 1. No lo he llamado para seguir por el idioma. Gracias

  5. I am on a fixed income of ssdi with nothing to invest and if you have something for me, I would love it and if you don’t please let me know……joey

  6. I believe getting qualified leads in this business is the most important requirement. I have never done anything on internet previously apart from browsing and sending emails. Do you think you can take a job to get me staryed on right path. I always wanted to do do something on the net but never knew where to start from. Or for that matter whom to trust.

    What would you say – can you give me a quick start so that i can get successful.

    Many thanks

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