Success Starts With Your Mindset

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“Business is 80% Mindset and 20% Mechanics” This is a statement I’ve heard from numerous wealthy Entrepreneurs and Financial Advisors. And although people tend to focus too much on the “how” of doing business and creating success, that isn’t where your focus should be. I was recently at Tony Robbins’ Life and Wealth Mastery seminar, […]


VIDEO 5 Steps To Become A Credible Expert

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Today I co-hosted a webinar with one of my Marketing idols, Ray Higdon. It’s funny, just a couple years ago, I was just starting out, and I would attend webinars from people like Ray and be like “wow, someday I’ll be at that level, someday far into the future”. It turns out that I did […]


What Causes Poverty Mindset?

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Yesterday was Black Friday, and millions of people went out of their way (and beyond their budget) to buy consumer goods they don’t really need. So I was just watching this video by the great Ray Higdon on Mike Hobb’s blog, and it really connected with the way I feel about the poverty mindset that […]