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Karine Viña
Carolina with VIP Client Karine Renaud from Canada

Over the last 6  years, I have been working with people and companies, helping them bring their brands to life. I earn 6-figures online per year and I want to show you how you can do the same. If you want to travel the World, live life on your own terms, the way YOU want to design it, then I am here to serve you.

I'm here to help you overcome the hurdles that are keeping you from making money. The biggest hurdle is YOU and YOUR MIND, which is blocking you from it. And we're going to work on that, and of course, on all the strategies you need: traffic, leads, conversions, sales funnels, branding, video marketing, building relationships, social media, etc!

Here are a couple testimonials from my students:


Rodney Lackie, USA
Rodney Lackie, USA

I signed up as a real newbie to internet marketing. I was at Jonathan Budd's Unstoppable 2 event in San Diego this past November. While listening to Matt Lloyd give his presentation live. I felt a real draw to him and his business. So I signed up as a licensee on the spot! Now keep in mind I still had no idea what I was doing. I got home and started learning Matt's system. I still had many question as you can image. I reached out to Carolina as I saw her posting helpful comments and was always on the leaders board in contests. She has been very helpful as a coach to get me on the right track. I am so very grateful. 🙂


Justin Bianco, USA
Justin Bianco, USA

Carolina really helped me get started with my online business. I did not know where to start, there was too much information getting thrown at me but no real checklist for me to go by. It was hard for me to comprehend everything all at once being new to Internet marketing, so having someone to talk to and answer all the questions I had , really gave me all the answers I needed. She guided me through each step to take in order to start profiting in this business. Definitely needed this to get my foot through the door!


Aurore Jones, UK

The good news is that I can personally help you solve the problems that are keeping you busy and broke. And sometimes, not even that busy.

You see, as Zig Ziglar said, It's not a lack of time that is keeping you from getting what you want, it's lack of direction, and I'm here to give you the direction you need.

And I'm talking 5 to 6 figure income. I have already done it, and I'm confident that I can help you do it too.

You'll have my support and step by step instructions that you will have to follow in order to build your brand and your business online in 2015 and the next few years to come.

My private coaching is for anyone who feels it's time to take the online marketing thing SERIOUSLY. It took me a few years to actually transition to that mindset. It took me a while to look at it as a way of life and not just a hobby. And it's time you do the same, are you ready?

Deborah Robertson, USA                                       Gary Gomez, USA

I want to help you create a life and business that you feel passionate about!

Lets make you some money this year! This coaching is designed for those who:

  1. Want an accountability partner to help them keep up with their marketing tasks
  2. Want to build a sustainable income stream through the internet by doing something fun
  3. Want to know what it takes to become a leader and follow step by step instructions that will take them there

So if you're ready to invest in yourself through my Mentoring Program, fill out the form below and lets get you started!


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