Follow What You Love in Life

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A few days ago while I was walking in Central Park (yes, I was catching some Pémon there too!), I to a few minutes to record this very important message for you. Take a few minutes to watch this video, as it comes straight from the heart: Enjoyed this video? Leave me a comment and […]


A True Story To Inspire You

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A few years ago I had a dream. I was sitting at my desk in a cubicle at my job in Human Resources, when I realised I wanted an extraordinary life. I wanted to see the World, and touch other people’s lives. I wanted to live my life on my own terms, and not have […]


Progress VS Goals

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Everybody talks about goal setting and reaching your goals, but what about your progress? I once read a quote that said something like “planning small and taking action will make you rich faster than dreaming big”. And I think that can be very true. In today’s video I talk about the importance of tracking your […]