Your Facebook Email Now Goes To Your ‘Real’ Email

Today I logged in to Facebook like any other day, to check my messages, notifications, and relatively useless posts on my newsfeed. And to my surprise, I found this message at the top of the Newsfeed:

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FREE Webinar: Build Your 6-Figure Business With Facebook

I love value packed webinars and this is going to be one of those! My good friend and business partner Giancarlo Barraza is co-hosting this live event with me, where we’re going to show you how we have built a 6-figure business using mainly facebook and social media in general. Interested in having results for yourself? That’s what this is about.

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Another Awesome Talk by Scott Stratten (aka @UnMarketing)

In 2009-2010 I got really into social media. And I started following people whom I saw as role models. Scott is one of those role models. He’s one of my social media gurus. Probably my favourite one! On Twitter he goes by the name @unmarketing, and his motto is “stop marketing, start engaging”

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Caro Lake Cochrane Chile

Defining Your Why

I recently came back from a life changing trip to Patagonia, in the South of Chile. It’s a beautiful and pure ecosystem that not enough people get to experience. It’s a bit isolated, the weather can be tough and the roads are extremely bumpy. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Carolina on stage at Titanium black and white

$118,704.74 in Commissions: My Journey In MOBE

On December 13th through 15th took place the latest edition of the MOBE SuperCharge Seminar. Unfortunately, this time around I was unable to attend the event, due to personal commitments here in Chile. However, I received the largest cheque I have received to date. And it keeps getting better…

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FunnelKit: Build Your Sales Funnel From Scratch!

One of the key ingredients to a successful internet marketing business, if not THE key ingredient, is having a sales funnel that converts. From the opt in page, to the sales letter, even the order forms. Everything has to be in place in such a way that it increases conversions.

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