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Titanium Mastermind Reviews

I have just returned home from the annual Titanium Mastermind event, hosted by Matt Lloyd and MOBE. This first edition took place in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, at a beautiful resort by the beach. But the fact that the place was beautiful, the sun, the beach, the food, is not what made it for me. The community I belong to and the people I met and made connections with is what made this experience life-changing for me.

For 4 days I got to share with these amazing people. We learnt from top speakers in this industry, such as Joe Sugarman, Dave Vanhoose, Mike Hill, Matt Lloyd, Lisa Grossman, Curtis Broome, James Schramko, Mike Koenigs, and the list goes on. I never imagined I would receive that amount of value from just one event. Matt Lloyd is an amazing individual and I am delighted to introduce more people to his community.

Matt Lloyd on stage


I even got to speak on Stage myself! Matt Lloyd asked me to speak along with the other top earners of MOBE. And I was thrilled to share my story and my strategies with the people who were there:


Carolina Millan


The opportunities that come to you when you decide to take MASSIVE ACTION in a business like this are endless. I am earning 5 figures a month and I plan on growing even more.

I made this video with my good friend JT DeBolt, who works very closely with Matt Lloyd, just to give you guys an impression of the level of the people you will get to work with when you're in our community:


And here's another video I shoot while at the beach in Cabo 🙂



I am going to HELP YOU get results with this. I want to meet you and mastermind with you at the next MOBE events.

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Talk soon,


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