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The #1 Skill You Need In Business

That one skill that you need in order to succeed is not traffic, it's not building funnels or blogs.

It's selling.

Everybody sells. Even when you think you're not in sales, it turns out, you are, from the moment you try to sell your mom on buying you that candy, or that new toy when you were a kid. And then all through your childhood and teenage years, you continued to develop that skill, unknowingly.

But now, it's very likely that if someone tells you that you have to make a phone call to sell your product or service, you don't know how to do it. Or if you go to a job interview and have to sell your skills, you're also unsure about how to do it.

I was recently in New York working with a VIP Elite Coaching client and while I was walking around Central Park I recorded this video for you:

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