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Ever Feel Like Success and Your Goals Seem Far? My Story

I started in Network Marketing exactly five years ago. It was early September 2008, right before the Financial Crisis started (it hasn't ended, by the way…). And I remember, when I first started, all I could think about was releasing myself from the Corporate World. I was 24 years old, I had just graduated as a Business Engineer and started my first job. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed my job, my colleagues were nice, it was a great experience. Just not for me.

But, I realised a few months after I started that job that the corporate world wasn't for me. I wanted to be the owner of my own time, being financially free, having money to help my family and give back to the World. Stuff you see people talk about every single day, but you never think will happen to you. Until it does.

To tell you the truth, my start in Network Marketing was REALLY bad. Even with my University degree, it seemed that nothing I had learned about Marketing would be applicable in that industry. My Upline had a degree too, yet she knew nothing. She was convinced that I had to buy these health products and make lists of every single person I ever met in my life (!!!) and offer them the opportunity. I thought it was possible, until I tried and I failed. I scared a few people away in the process. I couldn't believe that was the only way to go about it, so I turned to google. And that's how I ran into folks like Mike Dillard and Magnetic Sponsoring , Jonathan Budd and Mark Hoversonand discovered attraction marketing, affiliate Marketing and internet Marketing. That was very enlightening! I started buying course after course after course from all these gurus. I learnt A LOT. But for some reason, I wasn't able to apply anything. Information overload didn't let me. And seeing these guys driving expensive cars, living in mansions… it seemed like something completely out of my reach.

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I think I signed up two people in a whole year. Just two! I lost thousands of dollars trying to keep up with the famous ‘auto-ship'. Until I had enough and I quit.

But not everything was lost. It took me a while though. I wasn't able to quit my job until June 2010, but when it happened, things changed. I became a social media and personal branding consultant. I was invited to speak at live events, Universities and write guest posts for blogs. This was possible because I started applying some of that knowledge in my own personal brand instead of just using it in my MLM company. I realised I could live from the internet, but it would take a lot of my time.

It wasn't until early 2012 that I decided to give Internet Marketing another chance, by joining Matt Lloyd's MOBE  Program. Why? Because even though I was doing well as a consultant and all, I needed to scale things up. And when you depend on just yourself to make money, when you're a “solopreneur”, it's not easy. You need to build a system, you need to build a team of people you can rely on. And Matt presented an opportunity to me that I couldn't resist. He was offering me to partner up with him and not spend 6 months to a year creating my own products. I could promote his instead, as my own. And I did. And I got results faster than I ever imagined. I had finally made money on the internet, after 4 years of struggle!

And just a few months ago, Matt approaches me and tells me I qualified for the MOBE Mercedes rewards program (mobemerc) for his Top Producers. Yes, he was going to pay me a monthly bonus for me to lease or buy a Mercedes-Benz. I was finally driving my own luxury car, something I never really aimed for, but the opportunity was there, and I took it.

On top of all the success I am getting with this online business, I am going to speak live at the annual Titanium Mastermind event, to be held in Cabo San Lucas, México, from September 27th until October 1st 2013.

A lot of things have been crossed out of my list, but there's still so much more to come! And I am happy that people like you get to read this story and get some inspiration! Lets work together, let me help you :).

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Yours in success,