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$118,704.74 in Commissions: My Journey In MOBE

On December 13th through 15th took place the latest edition of the MOBE SuperCharge Seminar. Unfortunately, this time around I was unable to attend the event, due to personal commitments here in Chile. However, I received the largest cheque I have received to date. And it keeps getting better…

I joined MOBE in February 2012. I started with modest results, but for someone who had struggled 4 years to make money online, making $300 dollars was already a BIG achievement. I made this video on the day I had my first commission:

But things for me didn't end there. Shortly after that, I made my first $1000 commission! And then I started getting those month after month. I finished 2012 with over $15k in commissions and I was damn proud of those results. 2013 was going to be even more exciting!

I got my first cheque from MOBE in March 2013, at one of Matt's events, for my total commissions earned. Over $20,000 in total commissions. I wasn't able to attend the event, but Matt took this photo for me and sent it:

Matt Lloyd holding my MOBE commissions

Four months later, in July 2013, Matt hosted another event, where once again, he had a cheque for me. This time, for $37,000 thousand dollars. Almost twice the amount of the first cheque, but it only took me 4 months to double it. Why? Because I made the decision that I would now take the business seriously, and that I wouldn't let my limiting beliefs stop me from getting where I knew I was capable of getting. So went all in, positioned myself as a Platinum Mastermind partner, and that allowed me to earn even higher commissions.

I wasn't looking at the big picture before, which is why it took me so long to take that step. I was looking at how much it was going to cost me, instead of how much money I was going to make. Once again for this event, I wasn't able to attend (I live in Chile, after all!), so Matt sent me the photo too! 🙂

Matt Lloyd MOBE commissions update

I realised that possibilities were endless, and that I was the only one standing between me and success. This was a level of success that I, a regular person from Chile, never expected before. That's why I'm writing this post. I want to inspire you to beat your fears, and not let your own limitations stop you from achieving what you're capable of. Fast forward to November 2013, I decided it was time for me to attend the next event, this time, it was The Home Business Summit, in San Diego, California. I was asked to speak on stage and share my experience, which was a delight for me.

Carolina on stage at Titanium black and white

And once again, I received another cheque. This time, I had once again nearly doubled the previous cheque in only 4 months, for a total of $72,593. And since I was there, I was able to receive it from Matt Lloyd himself on stage 🙂

My MOBE Commissions November 2013

It looked like a fantastic way to close a successful year! But the biggest breakthrough was yet to come…

During the last SuperCharge Seminar this past weekend in Carefree, Arizona, Matt issued another cheque for me. This one exceeded my expectations and exceeded what I had achieved previously. I didn't double the previous cheque, however, I put over $40,000 in additional commissions on top of it in just less than 60 days, for a grand total of $118, 704 dollars! For personal reasons I wasn't there, so one of my close friends and partners in MOBE, Michael Morin, took a picture of it for me:

MOBE commissions Mike Morin Carolina Millan

You may be wondering the obvious question now…


And I'm ready to share the exact strategies I have been following for the past few months to all people who decide to join my team before Christmas.

My main strategy to build a business starts by building RELATIONSHIPS. That's the foundation to any successful business. Branding yourself, and building relationships with people. It's also very rewarding for me to be able to work closely with people on my team and teach them how to do this effectively 🙂

So here's a special bonus for all people who take action and join my team in MOBE through the MTTB system until January 3rd 2014.

#1 FREE 60 minute coaching call with me

#2 FREE business book delivered to your doorstep. You can choose between these three: Start Late, Finish Rich by David Bach; The 4 Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferris, and GoPro by Eric Worre.

#3 FREE 100 click solo ad delivered to your affiliate links when you are done with the 21 steps in MTTB and become a MOBE license partner.


YES! I want to join your team Carolina and become another success story for myself and my family!


Then click the button below 🙂

orange let me in

*My results aren't typical, and I can't promise you that you will get results like this. It took a lot of time, work and knowledge from my side. What I can promise you is that if you work hard and follow everything I say, you're going to love this business. And hopefully, you're going to get results that make you feel good! 🙂

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