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Are You Still In The Knowledge Phase?

“Without the internet you guys wouldn't be here, but at the same time it can be your worst enemy…”

If there's one thing I have learnt about internet marketing and making money online, is that you will never make a single dime if you're just sitting in front of your computer learning stuff all day. Yes, don't get me wrong, learning is good! You have to invest in your education! But there's a point where enough is enough. You have to apply what you learn. So, how do you go about this?

The first thing you need to do is stop getting ready to get ready. You are ready when you say you are. It is that simple. After four years of getting ready to get ready I stopped myself one day and said “alright, now that I have learnt this much, it's time I make some money!” I had enough knowledge to make money. Does that make sense to you?

That's when I joined Matt Lloyd. And surprisingly enough, the moment I decided to implement my knowledge, was the moment I actually made money.

And it felt amazing!

I want you to watch this short clip that I took of Matt speaking on stage a couple weeks ago at the Titanium Mastermind (if you're not a Titanium member, you can become one here: On the video, Matt explains how he put out his first live event without having a clue what he was doing. Yet, it opened a door for him, and now he's putting some of the best live events in Internet Marketing.

If there is one live event you should attend this year, it should be The Home Business Summit, where you will learn from the best in this industry. Plus Matt is even willing to pay your hotel room for you if you walk out of the event without the necessary knowledge to start IMPLEMENTING. I am going to be there, probably speaking on stage and I would love to meet you. Get your ticket here now and meet me there 🙂 : TheHomeBusinessSummit.Com