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My Check For $72,593 And How You Can Get One

The Home Business Summit kicked off today here in San Diego, California. We've been hearing stories from the top internet marketers in the industry. People like Vince Reed, John Chow, Caesar Rodriguez and Terry Lamb have gone up on stage to tell us exactly how they make money in this industry.

One of the highlights of today's sessions was when Matt gave big checks to recognize the Top Partners in MOBE. And guess what? I am one of them, and this time I was there to receive it 🙂

The first check I got in MOBE was in March 2013, about a year since I had gotten started with MOBE. I wasn't able to attend the event where he presented the checks, so he took a picture of himself with it:

Matt Lloyd holding my MOBE commissions

Over $20,000 in commissions up to date, in fact, I had made roughly $25K by then. MOBE has been the first opportunity that has generated me money. I tried and struggled for 4 years to make money but nothing ever happened. So Over $25K in commissions felt damn good!

Then in July 2013, Matt threw another event, The super charge Seminar. Once again, I wasn't able to attend, so he took this picture for me:

Matt Lloyd MOBE commissions update

$37,662 in commissions! I nearly duplicated the first check in just a couple months!

And now, finally, I am able to attend the Home Business Summit event, and Matt hands me a check for over $70,000 dollars in commissions! Check it out 🙂

Matt and Carolina MOBE commissions

I will be sharing what I do on stage at this event, and hopefully I will be able to show you a recording soon.

The easiest way for you to get involved with MOBE is by applying to be a member of My Top Tier Business, a coaching program that is going to show you exactly how to make this kind of money.

And besides that, you will receive personal help from ME. As soon sa you get on board, I will send you a personal message to help you take your business to the next level!

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