$11K In One Single Day Online

Until recently, something I never expected to see happen online for me was to make $11,000 dollars in a 24 hour period. It just seemed impossible to me. I had been watching these ‘gurus' do stuff like that but it always seemed like a very distant reality. That was until a few weeks ago, when I had my first 5 figure day. And yes, I had to make a video to illustrate the whole thing.

So, take 10 minutes and watch as I explain exactly how I did it 🙂


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Carolina Millan

Carolina Millan is a young entrepreneur from Chile. She's an international speaker, coach and digital marketing consultant. She specialises in helping people and corporations build their brands using the power of the internet to build relationships with their present, past and potential customers.


  1. Hellow there. 11k in 1 day is too impressive. Are you a teacher in profession? You explained the whole business model clearly thank you. I hope to see those kinds of incomes anytime soon.

  2. Am not in mobe. Intend trying it but can’t afford it right now. You made 11k in one day, I made 12k in 7 yrs! Your 1 day is equivalent to my 7 yrs LOL. Sure it must have worked for you and I plan to try it.

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